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ask me if you wanna know something
HighSchool: The Cambridge Rindge & Latin School
Music: britney spears,lady gaga,mariah carey, eletrik red,david archuleta,michael jackson,janet jackson,eminem,ludacris,tupac,linkin park,korn,disturb,fall out boy,ashlee simpson,paramore,justin timberlake,usher....etc
TV: reality tv etc
Books: down these mean streets, DIsco blood bath a murder in club land the tragic but fabulous story about a murder in club land....
Sports: soccer,volley ball, kick ball lolz dodge ball idk i dont really play that many sports sometimes football never basket ball i think its to watch tho
Interests: i like chylin with kool people like ma friends and i luv meeting new people....and going out to the movies, mall,clubbin,dinner,camping...etc
Movies: party monster,never been kissed,riding in cars with boys,the sweetest thing,goonies,coming to america,american pie 1-3,charlies angles 1-2....etc
BestFeatures: my face, hair,ass, and personality :-)
Dreams: to become a famous singer/song writer or to do acting or dancing something in the performing arts cuz thats what i love to do

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