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I pretty much rock! Uh huh. And with that being said, I'm actually a pretty down to earth, lil' bit above average guy. (-; If you're reading this then, let me welcome you to my profile. (-: It has been brought to my attention that I need to update this. I'll add a lil' something more to this section later. I will still not tolerate any racist bullshit on my page. If you care to know anything else about me then just take the time to read and ask...
HighSchool: Aurora East High School
College: College of DuPage
JuniorHighSchool: K D Waldo Middle School
ElementarySchool: W S Beaupre Elementary School
Music: I like all kinds of music. Not big on most country and rap though. Although, I do like some. I don't see anything glamorous about being a criminal, thug, or, womanizer. I can't understand why anyone would boast about not being a real man?!
TV: Smoking Gun, Most Shocking, actually I just watch a lot of TruTV.
Books: You mean those things with words on the sheets of paper all bound together? They're alright, I guess.
Sports: Football please. Go Pokes!
Interests: See above.
Movies: Pretty much have seen everything with Jason Statham and Anthony Hopkins in it. Like a GOOD suspense , action, or, horror flick. Hell, I just love movies period!
BestFeatures: My humongous...heart. What? What did you think I was going to say? Actually eyes and smile.
Dreams: I'm not sure I can repeat that here. I'd probably be deleted and/or cussed out.

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