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I come from a family of Bikers,on both sides.I have been told that I have a very strong personality,lol. Im an easy person to get along with,I don't critisize ppl for what they believe in.If it works for you wether it be religion or sexual oriantation,then stay true to yourself.My family and I are very open minded,Including my hubby..No jealousy here,So you are safe to speak your mind..ROFLLMAO
HighSchool: Wildwood High School
Music: Hard rock,almost all 80's,pretty much anything I like but opera and sorry yall but I only like very lil rap.
TV: lol the Sapranos.can't get enough of it.And I def can't forget about the TAPS team (I love watching ghost hunters lmao.)
Books: mostly R.A Salvatore,Elaine Cunningham,And yes my soft side Nora roberts.
Sports: not really interested unless i'm playing them.
Interests: Harley's.I have a love for animals of all kinds (not to fond of the human ones though lmao.I love to ghost hunt,my Gypsy Magic and way of life..
Movies: any thing to do with the supernatural,and vin diesel.
BestFeatures: I have been told many times That ppl would love to clone me so,I guess my looks and personality.(not trying to sound conceided)
Dreams: We won't go there rofl

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