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If I could only share one thing with you about me it would be I am very focused. Whatever the task may be, I keep my eyes on it. I am an extrovert, for the most part, but I do have my need for solitude (fishing), it's spiritual enlightenment for me... it's so peaceful. I love to help people understand that there are other options out here besides the path of having a 9 to 5 (Rat Race) J.O.B. (Just Over Broke). It's become my mission to help individuals, while on my personal journey, to achieve financial freedom. I want to affect the world, and it's going to take money to do all that I aspire to do. I have been in leadership roles all my life. I came up as an athlete, playing football, basketball, track, and accomplishing M.V.P. honors on several teams in my day. I am a spiritual teacher, at heart, for I have a passion for empowering people. I believe that God has embedded in each and every one of us the ability to achieve Greatness. So, I feel that it's my responsibility to help people come to the realization of their inner Greatness, being FREE! I'm a Family Man! I've been married to my beautiful wife, Tonya, for 18 years and we have 2 wonderful kids.
HighSchool: Eisenhower High School
College: Lindenwood University
Music: R&B, Jazz, Hip Hop, Gospel
TV: Sportscenter
Books: Conspiracy of the Rich, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Cash Flow Quadrant, The 5 Love Languages
Sports: NBA Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls, NFL Chicago Bears, Philadelphia Eagles
Interests: I LOVE to help people make money and achieve their financial goals in business.
Movies: Matrix (all of them), anything action and or suspense, Harlem Nights
BestFeatures: My personality... ME!
Dreams: To be financially free to the point where money is no longer a problem.

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